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All foreCASH videos

Videos on key the areas listed can be found below, if these do not address your requirements please contact

  • Quick-start Wizard
  • Overview
  • Key reports and cash management
  • Status/greyed menus (i)Quick, (ii) Step-by-step
  • Excel data feeds (i)Overview, (ii) Step-by-step
  • Import ledgers
  • Project based companies
  • Adding payroll/salary costs
  • Adding overheads

foreCASH - Wizard (Fast demo)
Migrating a forecast in Excel into foreCASH - Fast Demo
foreCASH - Wizard (Step-by-step)
Migrating a forecast in Excel into foreCASH - Step-by-Step
foreCASH - Wizard and Winforecast
Preparing Winforecast data for use by the foreCASH Wizard
foreCASH - Overview
How foreCASH produces (i) annual P&L, balance sheet and cash forecasts, and (ii) short-term cash forecasts
foreCASH - Key reports and cash management
Key reports and cash management features within foreCASH
foreCASH - Status - Quick note
Quick note on forecast status and greyed/locked menu options
foreCASH - Status - step-by-step
Detailed explanation of forecast status in foreCASH
foreCASH - Excel data feeds - Overview
Overview of using Excel data feeds with foreCASH
foreCASH- Excel data feeds - step-by-step
Ste-by-step guide to using Excel data feeds with foreCASH
foreCASH - Import ledgers
How to import debtors and creditors ledgers into foreCASH
foreCASH - Project based companies
Setting up projects in foreCASH - including stages, retentions and CIS scheme
foreCASH - adding payroll / salary costs (basic)
Adding basic payroll / salary costs into foreCASH. (Excludes by employee salary records)
foreCASH - adding overheads
Setting up general overheads in foreCASH - recurring and irregular overheads

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